Philosophy – Berlin Fetish Scene

Fuggerstrasse became world famous to all fetish lovers when it started hosting Folsom Europe 15 years ago. The Schoeneberg gay area is well known for its fetish atmosphere, nowhere else in the world you can find so many fetish shops and leather bars so close by, and right in the middle of this area will you find our S&M apartment. It has been designed to enable you to spend a relaxed time during your holidays while fulfilling your darkest fantasies at the same time. The apartment has a playroom which is designed to satisfy the different sexual needs  of our guests from all over the world.

You don’t need to carry heavy suitcases with all your toys and equipment and then have to endure airport customs to have a great play time during your Berlin stay. Our apartment provides the complete setup of a flat: bedroom, kitchen, balcony and bathroom with bath tub. So after every hard session you can leave the playroom and enjoy the rest of the day or night in a clean and tidy but private environment. The size of the apartment is 60 sq m. This gives you much more space than other similar accommodations in Berlin, just try it once and you want not to stay anywhere else!